About Marion Manufacturing
Who We Are
Marion Manufacturing's Mission is to proactively engage in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of metal forming machinery and automation systems while increasing our role as the recognized leader within this industry. To this end, Marion Manufacturing will endeavor to supply products which meet or exceed standards established by national, state and local code bodies and by recognized industry associations. Marion resolves to continually operate in Partnership with our Customers to initiate and adopt the ingenuity of new technology and applications to meet the challenges of new and innovative product development, with the common goal of growing new markets opportunities together.
We provide the best value to customers.
Marion will be the leader in providing the best value in machines, systems and support services for customers while remaining dedicated to supplying state-of-the-art quality equipment at a fair price.
We grow profitably.
Marion personnel will increase market-share by aggressively pursuing growth and profit opportunities that leverage our engineering, manufacturing, distribution, information management and financial services expertise.