Panel Roll Formers

High Speed Systems
State of the art panel roll form machines will increase efficiency and product quality. Marion Manufacturing can taylor your panel machine to your specifications. We create all these panel machines and more ag panel, r panel, roofing panel, wall panel. Contact us for more information
  • Single High

    Single High

    0-250 feet per minute Precut or Post Cut Shear 10-15HP Drive 3 ½” dia. 4140 Alloy, Precision Ground Shafts 4150 Alloy,
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  • Double High

    Double High

    0-250 feet per minute Precut or Post Cut Shear 10-15HP Drive Independent Motors Run 1 Set of Tooling at a
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  • Precut


    Upcut Shear – Pneumatic or Hydraulic Heat Treated Tool Steel Blades with 4 Cutting Edges Roller Slide Entry Guides – Easy Movement
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  • Post Cut

    Post Cut

    Multiple Blade Profiles Available Pneumatic or Hydraulic Systems
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  • Stop & Cut

    Stop & Cut

    Precut – Run parts from 3’ – 50’+ Multiple Shear Edges Post Cut – Run parts from 6” – 50’+ Single Shear Edge
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  • Flying Cut Off

    Flying Cut Off

    Accuracy - +/- 1/16” Pneumatic Boost – 0-150 feet per minute Servo Driven – 0-250 feet per minute 14”, 24”, and 36” Wide Shears
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  • Multi Batch Controls

    Multi Batch Controls

    AMS XL200 Beck SII With over thirty-five years of experience developing, building, installing and servicing the roll forming market, AMS
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  • Panel Stackers

    Panel Stackers

    Panel or Trim Stackers Available Up To 50’ Long Rotary, Bombay, or Flip Styles
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